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My Name Is
Huba Gaspar

Name Is

I am a full stack developer based in Budapest with over 7 years of experience with modern web technologies and over 2 years of experience in EVM dApp development.

00. Work

  • Tech Lead, Co-Founder - Omnimorphs
    04.2021 - present
    • Co-founded an NFT collectible project based on the work of digital artist Daniel Taylor
    • Architected and implemented an array of EVM dApps, such as a successful, highly anticipated NFT drop, a unique, gamified NFT customization tool, and much more
    • Wrote a suite of smart contracts with extensive unit testing and third-party security audits
    • Technologies used: Solidity, Hardhat, Node.js, TypeScript, Web3.js, Ethers.js, React, Next.js, MongoDB, Netlify
    • omnimorphs.com
  • Freelance Developer
    01.2016 - present
    • Over the years took part in an array of projects as a contractor
    • Advised and created smart contracts for multiple dApp projects
    • Technologies used: Solidity, Hardhat, Vue, React, Webpack, Node.js, Typescript, Jest, PHP, Magento 2, Mysql, MongoDB, Python, etc.
  • Full Stack Developer - Cleverclip
    06.2020 - 05.2021
    • Full remote role in a design agency based in Bern, Switzerland, with mainly Swiss and German clients
    • Plan, implement and deploy internal and client projects (web apps, websites)
    • Technologies used: Vue, Nuxt, Webpack, Jest, Tailwindcss, SCSS, Node, Express, MongoDB, Postgres, Strapi CMS, Netlify, Docker, docker-compose, Github actions, etc.
    • cleverclipstudios.com
  • Full Stack Developer - Yusp
    03.2019 - 04.2020
    • Global machine learning solutions and recommendation engine vendor
    • Frontend focus, with considerable backend work as well
    • Creating interfaces, tools, and services for both internal personnel (solution engineers) and end-users
    • Serve as a subject matter expert in the team, in specifying and implementing integration-related features, building on my previous experience as a solution engineer
    • I have extensively used the following frameworks, languages, and technologies: Javascript, Vue (Vue Router, Vuex, Vue-CLI), SCSS, LESS, Webpack, .NET Core, C#, Python, SQL
    • yusp.com
  • Solution Engineer - Yusp
    03.2017 - 03.2019
    • Global machine learning solutions and recommendation engine vendor
    • Setting up and configuring the recommendation engine in co-operation with our clients from all over the world
    • Create customized recommendation logics using our proprietary framework
    • Custom-tailor and complement the recommender system's functionalities by writing scripts and services
    • I had the opportunity to work on one of the largest and most exciting projects of the company, the content personalization of Hotstar, India's largest video streaming platform.
    • During this time (and since then too), Hotstar broke several online streaming world records
    • Technologies used: Javascript, Python, Bash, SQL
    • yusp.com

I am not
A designer

01. About

I spent the first half of my twenties attending two universities at once, studying journalism and economics. Only to find out later that coding is what I really enjoy. Ever since, I’ve been spending an enormous chunk of my waking hours (one could argue, even too much) practicing or learning about this one activity.

I am a full-stack developer with extensive experience in creating complex web applications. On top of a strong technical skillset, I have an affinity for translating business requirements into technical solutions and clearly articulating and documenting my work and ideas. I am mainly active in the web3/EVM ecosystem for the past ~2 years.

After looking at screens for 8+ hours a day, I like to spend my free time with stuff that’s easy on the brain, like being outdoors or doing sports, but I also enjoy trashy horror/sci-fi movies and everything by Nicolas Cage.

02. Contact